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Find Your

What you'll learn:
  • Tap into your feminine energy, inner beauty, passion, and freedom
  • Remove emotional blocks
  • Learn to overcome self-doubt and internal limitations
  • Create passion in your relationships
  • Create your desired lifestyle
  • Let go of what’s holding you back
  • Create sparkly daily rituals
  • Overcome your limiting beliefs and stories
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Ignite Your

What you'll learn:
  • Tap into your masculine energy and strength
  • Find your voice and courage
  • Overcome fear and emotional blocks
  • Learn to overcome internal limitations
  • Ignite the passion in your relationships
  • Master your emotions and feel more grounded
  • Achieve you goals
  • Create empowering daily rituals
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Customized workshop

Customized workshop for your team, business partners, or peer group. In this half day workshop Sahar will teach the tools, techniques, and strategies she has learned from her intense training with Tony Robbins and Bo Eason and her experiences working with clients from all walks of life around the globe.

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About Sahar

Sahar is the founder of Transition Coach Academy. She believes that having a coach by your side in today’s fast paced competitive world is not a luxury but a necessity. Being trained by top performers and gurus in her field, she believes every top performer in the world works closely with a Coach. Sahar will challenge you, empower you, support you, and will be your accountability partner on the path as you continue to make important, life-giving and life-changing choices to live life at a higher level. She is not only there to celebrate every small victory on the path of achieving your goals, but to put you back on track and help you deal with your limiting beliefs, stories, and fears.

Sahar is also a former Results Coach for Robbins Research International, Tony Robbin’s company. She is certified as a Strategic Intervention Coach and Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention Coach from the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention.

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