Sahar's Story

Imagine growing up in a country where wearing nail polish in public was illegal!

I was born and raised in Iran. Growing up in that country, I had to face a lot of limitations. I was told what I could and couldn’t wear in public, where I could and couldn't go, how I had to act, and what I had to believe. This is how I grew up. I wasn’t allowed to express who I truly was as a young woman. I was not allowed to even wear nail polish in public to express my femininity, sensuality and beauty. When I was getting my university degree in Applied Math, I was forced to leave class to remove my nail polish and was not permitted to return until I did.

I finally moved to US many years ago to experience freedom, only to find myself in an abusive relationship and ending up spending a few nights in a women’s shelter. It was there that I realized I had hit rock bottom, where I had only $20 in my pocket and wasn’t sure if I should buy food for my son or put gas in my car. That was the moment where I made a decision that this would never happen again and that I would find a way to rebuild my life.

In rebuilding my life, I also built my coaching and speaking business. I was trained by the best of the best in the industry, such as Tony Robbins, Bo Eason and Roger Love. I have worked with clients from all around the globe and all walks of life - from successful business owners to stay-at-home moms. What I discovered was that everyone has a Sparkle inside them, and I made it my life’s mission to help people find that inner Sparkle and bring it out to the world.

Your Sparkle is your inner Beauty, Passion and Voice. Once you tap into it, you can overcome any adversity, internal and external limitations and create the lifestyle that you desire and deserve.

I used to feel many of the negative emotions one experiences on a daily or weekly basis. Emotions and feelings like you are not enough, you are fearful to make a change to move forward or you have lost your driving force in life. Once I found my inner Sparkle, I was able to bring out the best version of myself. Now I’m passionate about helping other women to do the same. If you feel like you have no purpose in life, you’re not living up to your true potential, you don’t have your desired lifestyle yet, you’ve given up or gotten lazy in going after your dreams, you’re overwhelmed with the demands of others around you, or you are consumed by your fears, limiting beliefs or stories that drain your energy, then you are in the right place. Because all of that is about to change for you!

I’ve worked with women who have been abused, on drugs, and suicidal and have completely turned their lives around. I’ve also worked with mothers struggling with feeling like they were the only person who had to do everything for their family and women in the workforce who were made wrong for being their feminine selves. Many women feel like they have to prove their self-worth by being masculine. Once they were able to tap into their Sparkle, they were able to realize their inner beauty and realize that the events of the past don’t have to dictate their future.

If you want to find your inner beauty, passion and voice, I invite you on this journey with me to find your Sparkle. Once you find your Sparkle, you will be able to bring the best version of yourself to the world and create a lifestyle that you desire and deserve.



About Sahar

Sahar is the founder of Transition Coach Academy. As a Strategic Intervention Coach, Expert and Speaker, she helps women in life transitions overcome their emotional challenges so they can transform their lives. Clients who have previously had to use multiple coaching sessions with no immediate results often find her coaching style powerful enough to get massive results and breakthroughs in the shortest time possible. It is her mission and passion to help her clients find their Sparkle and tap into their inner beauty, passion and voice to create their desired lifestyle.

Sahar is also a former Results Coach for Robbins Research International, Tony Robbin’s company. She is certified as a Strategic Intervention Coach and Marriage Education and Divorce Prevention Coach from the Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention. She brings a level of respect, trust, openness, compassion, empathy, and a rigorous commitment to speaking the truth to her clients. Sahar has a talent for discovering her clients' mission, purpose, and life-goals by giving them the gift of perspective. Sahar has many strategies for assisting her clients in addressing their self-limiting behavior. She helps her clients stay on track and overcome actions that often sabotage their desires, plans, and dreams.


Click here to listen to Sahar speak with Brian Hirth on the Career Talk Pro Podcast.


– Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics
– Licensed Realtor, Hondros College, Cleveland, OH
– Mastery University, Robbins Research International
– Leadership Academy, Robbins Research International
– Robbins-Madanes Center for Strategic Intervention
– Brendon Buchard’s Worlds Greatest Speaker Training
– Brendon Buchard’s Expert’s Academy

Professional and Community Affiliations:

– President of Iranian American Cultural Community of Central FL
– Volunteer Crew, Unleash the Power Within, Tony Robbins
– Member, Downtown Orlando Toastmasters, Club 28
– Bo Eason Mastermind Group

Photo Gallery

Find Your Sparkle!

Find Your Sparkle!

Find Your Sparkle!

Bo and Dawn Eason,
Mastermind Training

Lorna Jane,
Women's Active Wear Fashion Designer

Roger Love,
World's Greatest Voice Coach

Meditation Retreat at
Mission Inn Resort - FL

Author 1-1 with
Rick Freshman

Tony Robbin's Life M
astery event in Fiji


TeeJay Dowe speaking event
about Talent Dynamics

Best Speaker at
Downtown Orlando Toastmaster

Best Speaker at
Downtown Orlando Toastmaster

11 Time Fire Walker at Tony Robbins'
Unleash the Power Within Event

Speaking at Society for Marketing
Professional Services Event

Mastermind Workshop
for CBRE Brokers

Core Coach
Training Bootcamp

Society for Marketing
Professional Services Gala

Diamonds Are For Real, a charity event
for the homeless, at Citrus Club

Improv Show performance
at SAK Comedy Lab

Tony Robbins' Life and
Wealth Mastery Event in Fiji

Clowning Class at
SAK Comedy Lab

If you have any questions or would like to speak with Sahar Irwin, regarding her Life Coaching services, Workshops, or Public Speaking, please e-mail her at sahar@saharirwin.com or call her at (407) 403-6531.

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