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Why Sparkle?

You may wonder why I chose “Find Your Sparkle” as the name of my message and brand. Here is my why: When crap hits the fan in my life this is what ultimately saves me from within. It is like my inner superpower without having to be the strongest woman out there. I hate it…
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Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

Awhile ago I broadcast a Facebook live asking this question of my community.  I know many of us are guilty of messing with some kind of an electronic device as we turn our brain off to sleep at night. So my question here is, can divorcing our social media and TV in the bedroom makes us and…
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How to create polarity in a relationship!

As I was growing up I used to think something is terribly wrong with my parents! My mom used to talk with her best friend Susan everyday for at least an hour about kids, the family events she was going to, the movie she just watched, or the book that she was reading.  Dad however,…
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How to build life back up after hitting rock bottom

What if you had to escape your beautiful home in the middle of the night with your 3-year-old son to go to a woman's shelter? What if the life you had created suddenly fell apart in front of your eyes? What would you do if you hit rock bottom?

In this video, I will share with you one of my darkest moments in life: the experience of spending few nights in a women shelter with an unknown future, $20 in my pocket and a 3-year-old son. I’ll share with you what helped me to not only survive those nights, but also to find the gift in the midst of adversity in that shelter and find my way back up again!

After watching this video, I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. We are a sisterhood of Sparkly women, and I would love to hear your story. What have you found helpful in difficult times in life? If you've hit rock bottom, what helped bring you back up?

Please share this story with someone who needs some insight to deal with a challenging time in their life. Sometimes by sharing a simple message like this, you can give your loved ones the gift of perspective.

Make today an Amazing Sparkly day!

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How to Honor the Memory of a Loved One

How do you handle the loss of someone that you dearly love? How do you still feel their presence and love in your heart? How would you honor their dedication and efforts for helping you become who you are meant to be?

In this short video, you get to hear one of my personal stories of learning how to overcome loss. My grandfather was the closest person in my family to me. He always loved and accepted me for who I was and not for who I was supposed to be. I will share with you his unconditional love and dedication towards me learning English. And how I learned to cope with his passing.

After watching this video, please leave a comment for me and other Sparkly ladies in our community. I would love to hear your story and any insight on how you cope with similar situations. If you are currently struggling with a loss, just know, even if we have not meet each other yet, you are not alone. You can reach out to me and leave a comment. I look forward to reading your share!

Finally, before you go, please share this story with someone who needs to hear this message.
Have a Sparkly Day!

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How to celebrate the moment even in war!

What if your best childhood memory was growing up in the middle of a war? How could you celebrate and appreciate life in the midst of crisis? How can you create a sacred place within you, despite the chaos in the outside world?

Hey lovely ladies, I would love to share with you, in this short video, a very vivid childhood memory of me during war times. You get to learn how my family and I got to celebrate every night despite bomb explosion outside of our home and how I learned from my family that you can always be grateful for the present moment, despite the challenges in your life.

Once you watch this video, I would love to hear your thoughts. Do you remember a time in your life where you were able to celebrate life despite its challenges? Please share your story with other Sparkly ladies in our community. Even if you feel frustrated and cannot celebrate the gift of life due to its challenges, you are not alone! Leave us a comment and share your feelings with us. We would love to hear from you!

One more thing, before you go, I would appreciate you sharing this story with your family and friends. You never know whose life you can change by this short video!

Be Amazing, Be Sparkly, Be You!

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How to Get back on track after a huge set back

How would you feel if something that was so dear to you, like a life long hobby, talent or activity, was taken away from you? What do you do when you face a huge setback in life? How do you deal with feeling all that frustration and overwhelm?

In this short video, I am going to share with you my story of a recent knee injury. I went from being an amazing dancer to not being able to walk. I had to deal with rehab for my knee that took over a year. I will share with you, from firsthand experience, a valuable tip on how to deal with life’s setbacks.

Once you watch this video, please let us know how you deal with your setbacks in life. Leave a comment for our Sparkly community of women. We love to hear your stories. If you haven’t found the tips and tools to deal with this yet, don’t worry. Let us know what you are going through; we are here to support each other, after all!

Finally, if you know of a friend or family member who is struggling with a life setback, please share this video and story with them. You never know what a difference you can make in someone’s life by simply showing them you are thinking about them!

Make today a Sparkly day!

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How to overcome limitations in a creative way

Can you imagine, for a second, living in a country where the laws are so strict that you cannot even wear nail polish in public? How would you express your beauty, femininity and sensuality as a young woman in that environment? How do you deal with life's limitations that are thrown at you?

In this short video, I will share with you a funny, yet true story of how I would go mountain hiking in Iran, wearing nail polish and make up, even though it was illegal to wear in public. I’ll share how I found a creative way to hide it all from the security guards and how those hiking experiences taught me to be resourceful and creative when dealing with life’s limitations.

After you watch this video, think of a time in your life where you became creative in dealing with a problem. I would love to hear your story! There is a community of Sparkly women out there, waiting to hear your share. And if you have no story yet to share, don’t be shy. Share with us what limitations you are dealing with currently and how we can help you in a creative and resourceful way.

Finally, before you go about your day, think for a sec please! Do you know any friends or family members who are currently dealing with a real limitation in life? If yes, then please make their day and share this story with them.

As always, thank you for being part of our Sparkly community!

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Getting Back on Track With 2015

Have you gotten off track with your 2015 goals already?  Do you feel guilty for all the promises that you made to yourself at the beginning of the year when you did not fulfill them?  Perhaps life just happened, distractions happened, other people's demands took priority over yours, and you lost the sight of your…
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A Better Half of You!

Student - Teacher Relationship Sometimes we learn our best life lessons from our younger ones.  In my case, it was my son Kourosh that taught me a profound lesson. In one of his school years, he began to misbehave in class.  My typically happy son  became very unhappy going to school.  He would come back…
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