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Get Out of Your Own Way

When I was at Tony Robbin’s Wealth Mastery event in Fiji two years ago our facilitator Scott Harris made a statement that is still sticks in my head to this day. Scott said, “When the universe wants to teach you a lesson, first you notice it by the touch of a feather. If you don’t…
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When you Hit Bottom, the Only Way to Go is UP!

When I was in a Women’s shelter years ago, I made a deal with myself. I decided that, “I have hit the bottom hard, now the only way is up!” In those dark days, I had no idea which direction my life would take. I could not even plan my week. But, looking at the…
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Bow and arrow

Have you ever find yourself in a totally reactionary mood responding to events in your life? Or acting like a robot just completing your “to do” list every day? Giving out so much to others that you forget about taking care of yourself? I was in that mode recently until I attended the Expert Association…
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For You a Thousand Times

I was sitting at his cafeteria when I saw Kourosh walking in with his class. I was concerned about his lunches because he recently lost both of his front teeth! Poor guy! As soon as he saw me, he screamed out loud from excitement to his teacher, “Mrs. H… mama brought lunch for me today,…
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Relationships – Feminine and Masculine Energy

When I was a child I used to think there was something terribly wrong with my mom and dad about the way they used to communicate with the world. Mom would get on the phone with the same friend everyday and they would talk for hours. They would talk about life, children, their husbands, family,…
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What Have I Learned From Coaching?

Have you ever seen a blind person trying to walk another blind across a busy street? Have you ever been in a job or situation that you had no idea what the heck you were doing or why are you even there? If you are like most people, you’ve been there….and somehow in the end…
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Facing my Phobia!

Have you ever had to make a decision in your life that it involves facing your biggest fear? What would you do in those moments? Listen to the voice of fear, doubt, guilt or listen to the voice of grace, faith and love? It was Friday night and I sent my son Kourosh to his…
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Dance Baby Dance!

I’m sure you have heard that it doesn’t matter what happens to you. It matters what you do with what happens to you. You need to learn the art of dancing in the rain. When you are in the midst of crisis, dance baby, dance! Nobody can stop your soul from flying high – from…
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