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How Much Is Too Much to Share on Social Media?

How much is too much to share on social media? Have you wondered if you are sharing too much of yourself with the public on social media or not? As a coach and speaker, I share my personal stories with my community on Facebook and Instagram, often wondering the same thing! I also hear all…
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How to Get What You Want Even When the Odds are Stacked Against You

How do you achieve your greatest goals and dreams? Do you have the guts to burn all the boats behind you to take over the island?  What if your chances are low to even get to the island?

Are you still committed to your outcome and desire at a your soul level? How do you deal with your fear and doubt? What kind of a mindset do you need?

In this short video, you will learn the mindset necessary to turn the impossible into possible. I will share a very personal story here with you. It will help you find a different perspective and mindset while setting up those big goals.

After you watch this video, please send me an email and let me know what your thoughts are. If you are struggling to maintain the will power to storm through your fears and doubts and need support to achieve your goals, you can reach out to me via email. I am only one message away from you.

By the way, don't forget to share this video with your friends and loved ones. You never know who's life you can touch by giving them a gift of perspective today!

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Sahar 🙂

How to Celebrate Your Wins and Milestones Despite Other’s Disapproval

How do you celebrate your milestones in life? Do you reward yourself when you accomplish something? What if there were people or events outside your control that were putting limits against that?  Would you become a rebel like I had to become?

In this very short video I will share with you how I used a creative way to celebrate my academic milestone when I was living in Iran.

After you watched this message, make sure you share it with your family, friends, and loved ones. Encourage them to celebrate their victories and tell them how awesome they are!

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Sahar 🙂

How to Help Your Children See Their Greatness

What if your child comes home from school and tells you he thinks he is the dumbest kid in the class? How do you deal with his or her self doubt? How do you make them see greatness in themselves?

In this short video, I share a short story of my conversation with my little boy on how to overcome his self doubts and limits.  After you have watched this video, I would like to hear your thoughts and insights on this matter. Do you know someone that is talented in something yet they do not see their own true potential?

Please, share this video with an amazing person in your life that needs your support to step into their true greatness and potential!

Sparkle The Day!
Sahar 🙂

How to Deal with Heartbreak

How do you deal with a breakup? Do you crawl into bed with the only two men on the planet you still like and trust — Ben & Jerry? Do you ignore your to-do list, flip on a romcom and feel your life is over? Do you call your best friend, cry for hours and seek help from others, searching for a new perspective? Is it possible that your biggest heartbreak can be your biggest gift?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, I encourage you to watch this short video. In this video, I share my own recent breakup and the pain I went though. I share with you how I was able to pull myself out of it. You’ll learn that there is always a way to look at our disappointments with a different sets of lenses. And you'll get to see how the concept of Sparkle was truly created.

After watching this video, please share this with other Sparkly ladies in your sisterhood. You may have a friend who puts on that "tough girl” act, pretends that her breakup doesn’t bother her and says, “on to the next one,” but maybe she’s really hurting inside and this video could help. Maybe a little bit of perspective can change the quality of her life, whether she wants to admit it or not.

As always, if you need to get a hold of me, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a quick email. I am here to help get you through your heartbreak.

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How to Love and Appreciate Yourself When You Look in the Mirror

Do you know someone who is struggling with their self-image?  How about someone who is unhappy with their looks?  Someone who every time they look in the mirror, they bring themselves down by doubting their beauty?  Perhaps that person is you. If so, you are at the right place.  We all have these feelings at some point in our life.

Check out this short video where I share a story of one of my colleagues who was going through the same doubts and feelings.  You get to see how she was able to have a breakthrough and change her perspective… and realize that you, too, can change this whole game for yourself.

After watching this video, I encourage you to start practicing self-love.  It can be by changing the words that you say to yourself when you look in the mirror or quitting comparing yourself with others, knowing you are special and unique the way you are.

Share, with your Sparkly community, how you are committed to change the way you value and see yourself from now on.  If you’re still struggling, no worries, we are in this together and all we need is each other’s support and insight.  Just send me a message and let me know how I can help you see your inner beauty and light!

Finally, pass this video on to those beautiful ladies in your sisterhood who may not yet realize just how beautiful they are.  Let's start loving ourselves from the inside out!

Sparkle the Day!

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