A Better Half of You!

Student - Teacher Relationship

Student - Teacher Relationship

Sometimes we learn our best life lessons from our younger ones.  In my case, it was my son Kourosh that taught me a profound lesson.

In one of his school years, he began to misbehave in class.  My typically happy son  became very unhappy going to school.  He would come back home tense and upset, often times on a color card other than green (green being for the best behaved students in class).  I was trying to discover the root of the problem because punishment without taking care of the source of an issue is only a short term solution.  After spending quality time with Kourosh and asking him lots of questions I came to the conclusion that the teacher and the student were simply not the right match for each other.  Kourosh is a very active, creative, and smart kid and he requires a lot of attention and proper guidance.  He was not getting what he needed with this teacher and therefore he was trying to seek attention in  negative ways.  With the right adjustment at school, he was able to match with a different teacher that could truly understand Kourosh’s need for attention, love, and care.  As soon as that change was made, he started to become the best version of himself!

This story made me think about the concept of “Better Half of You”.  The better half of you is that mentor, coach, teacher, lover, friend, parent, boss, employee or whomever that brings the best part of you out.  Often we stay in relationships and situations that are destructive to ourselves and others for the sake of security and familiarity.  However, those very same relationships are bringing the worst part of us out and perhaps the worst part of the other party involved as well.  Only with courage we can break free from what is not serving us and making us miserable.  Only then we can be open to the endless opportunities that the universe will bring our way.

There is always that “Better Half of You” somewhere in this world waiting for you, but they cannot find you until you break free from the limitations of staying in your miserable relationship and situation.  The better half of you is the one who  sees your true potential.  The better half of you sees greatness in you when you are in darkness and cannot see your own greatness.  The better half of you loves and appreciates you for who you are, and not for what you supposed to become for them.  The better half of you is simply the one that brings the best of you out into the world!

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