Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

Awhile ago I broadcast a Facebook live asking this question of my community.  I know many of us are guilty of messing with some kind of an electronic device as we turn our brain off to sleep at night. So my question here is, can divorcing our social media and TV in the bedroom makes us and our intimate relationships more Sparkly? Can detaching from our inbox gives us a better night sleep? Are we more recharged in the morning if we forgo letting our few hundred or thousand Facebook friends invade the serenity of our mind before we turn the light off to sleep?

Being a social media junkie myself, I decided to challenge myself while ago and few amazing people from my community joined me on this challenge. We decided not to take our iPhones and iPads to bed. Instead we will read a book, drink a hot chamomile tea or take a hot bath...I just love bath bombs. In the morning we also replaced all those habits with doing meditation, journaling, yoga and planning the day ahead. We stood by this challenge for a week and everyday we checked on each other's progress. The results were amazing, after only few days we felt no need to check for Likes and messages first thing in the morning, we slept better, had a much more positive attitude in the morning and started our days with a peaceful grounded mindset. We wondered how on earth we let our friend's fancy party or exotic vacation stop us from reflecting on our own lives!

If you find yourself checking your social media before bedtime or watching news or soap opera on TV, perhaps it is time to challenge yourself to let go of these disempowering habits. I promise you that your day and your relationships will become more Sparkly by adopting a healthier nighttime ritual.

If you'd like to make a shift in your ritual and are struggling, send me an email. I will be happy to jump on a quick complementary coaching call with you and guide you on how to make a positive change in your life!

Make sure you share this message with your circle of influence and friends. Till the next story...

Sparkle The Day!
Sahar 🙂

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