Getting Back on Track With 2015

Goals 2015Have you gotten off track with your 2015 goals already?  Do you feel guilty for all the promises that you made to yourself at the beginning of the year when you did not fulfill them?  Perhaps life just happened, distractions happened, other people's demands took priority over yours, and you lost the sight of your dreams and goals.  If so, don't worry.  You are not alone.  There are many very motivated and good intentioned people like you and I that fall into this category.  What if instead of feeling guilty or ashamed of our set back, we just roll the sleeves up, get back on track and aim for our greatest dreams and goals?  It is never too late to start over again....never!  After studying with mentors like Bo Eason, Scott Harris and Tony Robbins, I have gathered 6 simple, yet effective steps that I want to share with you.  I believe they will help you get back with your dreams and goals right away.

1.  Define your clear Vision

You must have a 20 year vision.  Greatness doesn't happen overnight.  You must learn to be cool with such a long time frame.  All the great athletes, performers, and successful entrepreneurs have that kind of a mind set.  This way no rejection, set back, or failure will stop you from achieving your dream and goal because you are removing short term time frames.  For example what if you give yourself a short timeframe of only 6 months to find the love of your life?  What if after all the dating and searching you still didn't find your soul mate?  Would you get disappointed, heartbroken and just give up after your 6 month timeframe has passed with no result?  What if your soul mate moved into your town in two years from now?  What if that 6 months timeframe was not the right timeframe for such a precious dream?  Get comfortable with a long timeframe for your vision.

Another note to remember is that most people just respond to the demand of everyday life and others.  They sabotage their greatest dreams by living a mediocre life.  Your vision is not your to do list.  Your vision is what sets you on fire to reach for the stars and to become more.  You must define your vision as if there were no limitations internally or from the outside world that would have stop you from achieving that vision.  You must start living life on your own terms!

2.  Design your Plan

You must define a plan and roadmap that leads you to that 20 year vision.  You have to be flexible regarding your plans because so long as you hit your target at the end it really doesn't matter how you achieved it... assuming it's legal, moral, and ethical, that is!.  The plan will reveal itself to you in time once you define your vision and start taking the first steps towards it.  People and resources will show up that you may never been aware of before to lead you to achieve your vision. In order to be excellent you must have a plan and schedule that supports that excellence, otherwise you have a dream that will never happen.  By having a plan and schedule you can track yourself.

You then will see where you spend the majority of your time.  Are you spending it on distractions or on achieving your greatest dreams and goals?  If you have a to do list which we all have, then schedule those obligations and appointments then look at the holes and gaps in your calendar.  Fill those gaps with activities that support your vision and don't fill it up by distractions.  So when a friend calls you and ask to see you for a cup of tea or coffee you won't sacrifice your "dream schedule" for that cup of coffee or tea.  You stick to your schedule and train yourself daily to achieve your greatness.  Greatness is sweaty, messy and difficult but it well worth it.

3.  Create your "Wheel of Life"

Imagine your life is a big pie with many slices.  Each slice is an area of your life that you want to improve, like relationship, health, finances, etc.  You can create as many slices as you wish on this pie. For whatever reason, either based on a conscious decision or not, we have decided to dedicate a bigger slice of this pie to one area of life and ignore the other.  I want you to become curious and look at all these slices carefully.  Is there any area of your life that has been ignored for such a long time, yet a major change in that area will impact other areas of your life?  If so it is time, to start slicing this big pie called your life differently!  Look at your wheel (pie) and try to find balance in all of the areas that are important to you.

4.  Set Daily Rituals

How you start your day effects how productive that day will be.  Are you starting your day with a cup of coffee and surfing the web and Facebook?  Or are you setting aside a sacred time for yourself to meditate, journal, do yoga, go for a walk or run, do a workout, read few pages of an inspiring book or to reconnect with your vision and plan?  One brings you more overwhelm and stress while the other sets you to feel grounded and to be ready for the day.   You can chose any of these activities that align the best with who you are and your schedule.  Regardless of which of these above rituals you chose, the quality of your day is in direct proportion with the quality of your morning rituals.  Same goes about how you end your night.  A peaceful and relaxing ritual that will unwind you from a busy day you just left behind is what is needed, so you can relax and recharge for a new day.

5.  Set aside a Recharge time

Every great athlete and high performer takes a day or two off after a long and intense training or a competition to recharge.  Our body, brain and nervous system need to rest and recharge after a peak and intense performances.  Do not feel guilty to give yourself some time off to have a deep rest before getting back to training and activities.  You should dedicate a time at least once a week where you set work aside and spend that time with your family and friends or a hobby you love.

6.  Build a Team
You must build a small team that can help carry your torch.  A great team helps clear the path for you so you can stay on track towards achieving your greatest vision.  You are the talent, the artist, you must do what you are gifted at while others support you and your vision.  Why should you make calls and set appointments if your true talent is to manage a team or design a piece of art?  Find people who share and support your vision, and find a way to add them to your team.

Bonus Tools:
If you are like me and a fan of your smart phone, iPad, etc. use an app like Trello.  It helps you organize your vision, goals, plans, your to do list, etc. in a fun and practical way!

If you read this and still feel stuck, drop me an email or give me a call so I can help you getting back on track with your 2015!

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