How Much Is Too Much to Share on Social Media?

How much is too much to share on social media? Have you wondered if you are sharing too much of yourself with the public on social media or not?

As a coach and speaker, I share my personal stories with my community on Facebook and Instagram, often wondering the same thing! I also hear all kinds of feedback from people loving the message of Sparkle and find it SO inspiring - to a small group of, let's call them the haters, who don't like my message!

Asking myself this question brought back memories from my childhood growing up in Iran. I was always being told that I am too thin by some people. It used to really bother me a lot, because some of these comments were as if I had cancer or something and I was about to die. I also heard the positive complements about my looks, my body, and how sexy I looked.  Like many people, I allowed those negative comments to bring my self-confidence down. I struggled with this until few years ago when I reached a point that I realized I really felt healthy in my body.  I look gorgeous, I enjoy seeing myself in the mirror, trying different dresses, and who really cares what others say about my looks positive or negative? I always love to hear positive complements but if I hear a negative one, I ask myself where is this person really coming from, what is their point of reference and blueprint?

Interestingly enough, a friend of mine recently showed up telling me despite all her negative comments about my weight that she was actually envious about my looks and she wished she had the same weight I had! Thanks for her honestly at least, right?

You see, unless someone is an expert in the health and weight industry they may not always give you the right feedback when it comes to the right weight! Well the same applies to social media sharing. Unless you are dealing with an honest to goodness expert, please do not ask your friends for feedback!

Whether you have 20 followers on Facebook or a million you will always have people who adore your message and want to be part of what you are creating, and others who want to tear it apart. The question is, do you like your message? Do you feel good about what you are creating and sharing? If so, then to heck with the haters; get out there, share your message and story with others and make a difference in the world!

There is always someone out there who needs to hear about the miles you’ve run in your life. Be a force for good and make their Day Sparkly by sharing more of yourself with others!

If you are still struggling with this concept, your looks, or sharing your message, send me an email and we can get on a quick complementary coaching call to discover how to break through these barriers.

Remember to share this message with your loved ones to make their day brighter!

Sparkle The Day,
Sahar 🙂

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