How to create polarity in a relationship!

As I was growing up I used to think something is terribly wrong with my parents!

My mom used to talk with her best friend Susan everyday for at least an hour about kids, the family events she was going to, the movie she just watched, or the book that she was reading.  Dad however, would get on the phone with a friend who he had not talked in months and the conversation would last less than 5 minutes.  Was he angry with his best friend?  I would wonder?  Of course not; he was simply a man.  He was direct and to the point.  He didn’t have to give a long report of every single detail of his life.  My Dad was an amazing doctor, a man on a mission to heal and serve others.  My mom on the other hand was a woman; she was a loving and nurturing lady.  She had to share her love with others through long, detailed conversations and deep connections.

You may guess by now where I am going with this!  Yes, dad was doing exactly what Masculine energy does and mom was exactly doing what a Feminine energy does. I never thought in those days, that I would become so passionate about this topic in the future.  I didn’t realize that I would dedicate a big part of my message to it in my coaching profession. But now those who follow “Find Your Sparkle” inspirational quotes, emails, videos, hear me on a coaching call, or a speaking engagement know that this is the essence of “Find Your Sparkle.”  I help women tap into their Femininity and find their inner beauty, passion, and voice through hands-on creative experiences and processes.

Being a girl who grow up in an oppressive environment in the Middle East where I could not wear nail polish in public and having been in an abusive marriage, I made it my mission to dedicate my entire being to empowering women.  However, the universe always has an amazing way to twist your well-prepared plans.   My guy friends and clients were coming to me asking me how they could be part of this message and “Find Their Sparkle” too!  Seriously?

How can they do that, I wondered?   When I think of an attractive and successful man, I think about a Masculine guy who is ultra present with his lady.  He is super courageous like Navy Seal.  He is a solid mountain to lean on in times of crisis yet this amazing man has a huge heart.  He is vulnerable with his emotions and feelings. He is fine with crying when he needs to.  There I found my answer.  Guys also need to be part of this message and “Ignite their Spark”!

Thank goodness, I came across an amazing Coach and Speaker who is also a former colleague of mine.  He has an in-depth knowledge on this topic.  Coach Mark Petroff was the guy that the Universe brought to me, so together we can help both men and women in this upcoming live event to tap into their Femininity or Masculinity; help them create amazing passionate relationships with their love ones and become the most attractive version of who they are meant to be at their core.

Make sure to check my event page and sign up for this incredible transformational experience today since the space is extremely limited.  I look forward to seeing you in our upcoming workshop on July 29th.  Make sure to share this message with someone today that needs to Find their Sparkle or to Ignite their Spark!

Your Sparkle Coach,
Sahar : )


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