How to Get back on track after a huge set back

How would you feel if something that was so dear to you, like a life long hobby, talent or activity, was taken away from you? What do you do when you face a huge setback in life? How do you deal with feeling all that frustration and overwhelm?

In this short video, I am going to share with you my story of a recent knee injury. I went from being an amazing dancer to not being able to walk. I had to deal with rehab for my knee that took over a year. I will share with you, from firsthand experience, a valuable tip on how to deal with life’s setbacks.

Once you watch this video, please let us know how you deal with your setbacks in life. Leave a comment for our Sparkly community of women. We love to hear your stories. If you haven’t found the tips and tools to deal with this yet, don’t worry. Let us know what you are going through; we are here to support each other, after all!

Finally, if you know of a friend or family member who is struggling with a life setback, please share this video and story with them. You never know what a difference you can make in someone’s life by simply showing them you are thinking about them!

Make today a Sparkly day!

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