How to Honor the Memory of a Loved One

How do you handle the loss of someone that you dearly love? How do you still feel their presence and love in your heart? How would you honor their dedication and efforts for helping you become who you are meant to be?

In this short video, you get to hear one of my personal stories of learning how to overcome loss. My grandfather was the closest person in my family to me. He always loved and accepted me for who I was and not for who I was supposed to be. I will share with you his unconditional love and dedication towards me learning English. And how I learned to cope with his passing.

After watching this video, please leave a comment for me and other Sparkly ladies in our community. I would love to hear your story and any insight on how you cope with similar situations. If you are currently struggling with a loss, just know, even if we have not meet each other yet, you are not alone. You can reach out to me and leave a comment. I look forward to reading your share!

Finally, before you go, please share this story with someone who needs to hear this message.
Have a Sparkly Day!

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