How to overcome limitations in a creative way

Can you imagine, for a second, living in a country where the laws are so strict that you cannot even wear nail polish in public? How would you express your beauty, femininity and sensuality as a young woman in that environment? How do you deal with life's limitations that are thrown at you?

In this short video, I will share with you a funny, yet true story of how I would go mountain hiking in Iran, wearing nail polish and make up, even though it was illegal to wear in public. I’ll share how I found a creative way to hide it all from the security guards and how those hiking experiences taught me to be resourceful and creative when dealing with life’s limitations.

After you watch this video, think of a time in your life where you became creative in dealing with a problem. I would love to hear your story! There is a community of Sparkly women out there, waiting to hear your share. And if you have no story yet to share, don’t be shy. Share with us what limitations you are dealing with currently and how we can help you in a creative and resourceful way.

Finally, before you go about your day, think for a sec please! Do you know any friends or family members who are currently dealing with a real limitation in life? If yes, then please make their day and share this story with them.

As always, thank you for being part of our Sparkly community!

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