Why Sparkle?

You may wonder why I chose “Find Your Sparkle” as the name of my message and brand. Here is my why:

When crap hits the fan in my life this is what ultimately saves me from within. It is like my inner superpower without having to be the strongest woman out there. I hate it when people tell me I am a strong woman, because I really do not want to be tough and strong. I simply want to be a vulnerable and expressive human being with lots of emotions and feelings. Like everyone else on this planet I do depression, I freak out, I feel pain and fear, I feel sorry for myself.

When I face real challenges in life just like any other woman, I want to quit - sometimes a thousand times in a day. Then something inside me starts shining. Something that tells me try one more time, let's keep going, find a different approach, take a break, go for a walk, go dance, reach out for a resource, go do your nail polish, wear your Sparkly sandals, put on a beautiful dress and feel beautiful about yourself regardless of the problems around you. I tell myself that I have been here before, in total darkness when it felt like there is no way out, but the pain was always temporary. There is always a way out of darkness.

Sparkle is beauty, lively colors, style, fashion, design, music, art, dance, elegance, class, a beautiful mindset, craziness, a wild creative spirit, who risks it all, who dares to do great despite of the voice of fear in her head, despite the limits of the outside, and despite the culture of the crowd. She is the force that shines through the odds and gives permission to others to shine as well. Sparkle is a beautiful emotional state of being.

Sparkle has been with me since I was 2 years old. She is that beautiful delicate feminine vulnerable spirit yet with a voice, vision and determination. Sparkle cries, but she never ever quits. She always finds a way to make magic happens. Sparkle sees beauty, passion and love in others. She is forgiving. She lights up the room wherever she goes. She brings the best out in others.

I’ve always had this Sparkle inside, growing up in war for 8 years, living in a country that where I could not dance or wear nail polish in public, even during my dark times in women shelter in U.S. I still managed to find something to laugh about and make the best out of the situation at hand. Sparkle is not waiting for things to be perfect so she can shine, she sees beauty in the midst of flaws and shines anyway. Sparkle is still with me when a guy breaks my heart. Sparkle is what inspires me to dress nice, to bring my best out to the world and to create and share every day. Sparkle is what every woman out there is capable of embracing but sadly some have forgotten about it. They think they have to fade it away in the background, act like a man and compete like a man.

For a woman, Sparkle is the most beautiful, vulnerable, attractive and powerful part of us that will shine through our darkest times. Sparkle is what is attractive in a board room meeting or in an intimate relationship with a loved one. Sparkle is a spirit from within. It is a sassy, playful, trendy, vibrant image of a woman. It is not tied to any specific brand of clothes or a Hollywood life style. It is an energy that radiates from within. It exists inside each woman from the time she is born. It is embedded by the universe inside every cell of her being. It belongs to all the woman in the world including women in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, South America, Canada and U.S. It is an infinite source of energy that the more you share it with others the more it generates from within.

A woman can go through emotional or physical pain and abuse but she will never ever lose her Sparkle. It is her vibrant spirit that no one can take it away from her. Sparkle can make things happen by herself but she will seek the energy of a guy who completes her life experiences and can make her feel protected. A guy with Spark!

Sparkle has help me find my grace, passion and drive anytime I feel I am hitting a wall. Sparkle helps me to be able to love myself and to know I can always count on myself even if the entire world turn its back me.

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Sparkle the Day,
Sahar : )


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